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At Hollaback Guide Service we will work extremely hard to make your hunt exceed your expectations. Every hunt we take on is a personal contract to deliver an experience of a lifetime that we take great pride in.

We always say, “come as a client, leave as a friend.” Our goal isn’t to rush a hunt, but to build a lasting friendship with fur on the tailgate. We also know that money is something that makes this business go around so, we’ll strive to give you your money’s worth in whichever game animal is being pursued and we’ll do it over a true sportsman’s handshake.

Bill Dereszewski of the Downeast Houndsmen Association, is a UKC Bench Show Judge and is the current President of the Maine Sporting Dog Association. As an active member in several clubs in Maine and New Hampshire, Bill also works to fight on referendums to preserve the sport in the State's Capital.

We live, hunt and work in pristine Downeast Maine. This area is a stone’s throw away from Canada and is located just across the St. Croix River. A fertile hunting ground rich with game and remote enough to make your experience a true wilderness one, while enjoying the proximity of many major attractions. Just an hour and half off of I-95 and due east of Bangor, customers and friends can use this opportunity to visit historic lighthouses, quaint seaside villages and there’s no shortage of regional fare such as lobster, clams, and all the fish you can eat. There's lots of great hunting information on our new blog as well. Find us here: Hollaback Guide Service Blog

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